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The International Standards of SpaExcellence(SM)2008
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A Quality System Approach for Spa Businesses
Available as an electronic book (82 pages) for $35 US.
Please note that the EXE file is not automatically delivered. The EXE file is emailed individually by me (Julie Register) as soon as I am notified of the order by PayPal. Click on the button below to order your copy.

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Welcome to! I'm Julie Register, and I've provided information to spa consumers and spa professionals on the Internet for over 17 years. On this page, you will find the latest:
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upcoming spa system management courses I will teach

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Finally, if yours is a spa that's enjoyed referrals from a free listing that I've provided during the last 17 years, I encourage you to upgrade your spa's listing to help support this site.

Kind Regards,
Julie Register (click here to learn more about me)


Spa Reviews

Saratoga Spa State Park in New YorkGideon Putnam Resort & Spa in Saratoga Springs, New York
Jeff and I spent a long weekend at the historic Saratoga Spa State Park that was created in the early 1900's. Franklin Delano Roosevelt helped develop it into a grand Eurpean-style spa with a large complex of red brick Georgian buildings that opened in 1935. We stayed in the park at the historic Gideon Putnam Hotel, soaked in original tubs of the updated Roosevelt Bath House and had excellent massages. We toured and tasted the cool water from the only naturally carbonated mineral springs east of the Mississippi. We saw what we thought were geysers but were actually spouters powered by carbonic gas, not heat. We got a behind-the-scenes tour of the Saratoga Race Course, the oldest coninuously operating racetrack in the United States and the oldest sporting venue of any kind in this country. Read about our Saratoga experience:

~ Julie

I attended the The Grand Opening Celebration of The Rittenhouse Spa & Club – Hair by Paul Labrecque in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on September 30. It's a lovely facility on the 3rd floor - The 3,000 square-foot Paul Labrecque Salon + The 5,...000 square-foot Rittenhouse Club with locker rooms, fitness center and indoor pool + The 3,000 square-foot Rittenhouse Spa. See images of the spa at


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On My Mind - Rare Coastal Dune Lakes

Western Lake in South Walton County, Florida - a rare coastal dune lake.Rare Coastal Dune Lakes

We took our vacation with our friends since college in South Walton County in Florida. We soon learned that in addition to sugar-white sand beaches and beautiful, clear, turquoise water in the Gulf of Mexico, the area is the home to 15 of the ~25 coastal dune lakes in the world. Read about these rare lakes and see photos of the area.

~ Julie

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SpaQuality LLC To Teach On-Line Quality Management Course for Spas February 2 - March 8, 2015


SpaQuality LLC is committed to advancing the spa industry by 1) Providing The International Standards of SpaExcellenceSM, quality management standards for spas, 2) Educating the spa industry in quality management principles and practices, 3) Assessing spas for compliance to The International Standards of SpaExcellenceSM, 4) Recognizing spas that meet the standards with a SpaExcellenceSM Certificate and Crystal Award.

Julie Register and Linda Bankoski will next teach Building and Sustaining High Quality Systems for Spas in partnership with the University of California - Irvine Extension's online Spa and Hospitality Management Certificate Program in the Winter 2015 quarter. The 5-week course is offered as an online certificate elective. However, it may be taken without enrolling in the full certificate. The textbook for this course is The International Standards of SpaExcellenceSM.

  • Click HERE for Details of the course and to enroll for the Winter 2015 session February 2 - March 8, 2015.
  • Click HERE to order a student PDF copy of the Textbook.

Here's a sample typical of the feedback provided by the past course participants:

  • Just loved the structured approach and the seemingly easy, straight forward way of explaining a complex system. Thank you for sharing and I have learned so much.
  • The instructors were very knowledgeable and very available for any questions we had as students.
  • The presentations were very organized & straightforward. Great visuals & examples. The instructors were very friendly, helpful & knowledgeable.
  • Loved the sharing of ideas that we got from this class.  It opens up so much creative thinking.
  • The processes and systems are high level and could be applied to so many businesses. I can think of several ways to implement these learnings. At the same time, I gained knowledge specific to spa business.
  • The course materials are great resources.
  • What an interesting assignment.  I would never have attacked a problem the way you suggested in the reading...but what a great way to put a value to the problem and identify what needs to be done first!  This assignment rocked!  I will definitely use it in my business going forward.
  • This is really a class that the more you put into it, the more you will get out in application of the concepts.
  • This was a great course & I'm so happy that I took it.

Events for Spa Consumers

Best Spa Lists

Spas in the News

Spa Products of Note

For Breast Cancer awareness month, CV Skinlabs has created an all in one gift set for $185 with 20% of sales going to the Breast Cancer Fund. The set incudes:

Britta Aragon founded CV Skinlabs after her experience battling Hodgkins disease and her father's battle with cancer. CV Skinlabs is a new skincare line for sensitive skin that's more at risk from exposure to toxic chemicals (i.e. Chemotherapy), not only because it's susceptible to irritation, but because these chemicals can more easily penetrate skin's malfunctioning outer layer and get inside the body. 

Considering skin's vulnerability and the overwhelming presence of daily chemicals and irritants, it's important for those with sensitive skin to use only safe, nurturing formulas free of harsh detergents, fragrances and dyes, or other irritants.

CV Skinlabs  has successfully developed a skin care line that has an unprecedented standard for safety plus the potent ingredients to return to skin a youthful radiance and glow. Setting the bar higher than ever before on the safety of the ingredients, the functioning of the packaging, and the thoroughness of the testing has produced products that may be used with full confidence by men and women, and specifically by those with chemical sensitivities, sensitive skin, and conditions like eczema, dermatitis and chronic dryness.

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Spa People in the News

More Spa People in the News

Events for Spa Professionals

More Spa Events in the News

Spa Conference and Expo Reports

The 2014 ISPA Conference & Expo by the NumbersThe 2014 ISPA Conference & Expo by the Numbers (October 2014)

Miraval's Executive Sous Chef Justin Macy & Pastry Chef Kim Macy
Julie Register's Report on the 2014 ISPA Media Event in New York, New York (August 2014)

Julie Register's Report on Washington Spa Alliance’s 4th Annual Symposium: History Made Real, Intimate Conversations with Movers, Shakers and News Breakers (June 2014)


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Spa Studies

More Spa Studies


SpaQuality News
Sante Spa Victoria 2013 revenue growth: 18%
Average Spa Industry 2013 revenue growth: 4.7%*
The difference? A SpaExcellenceSM Quality System!

SpaQuality LLC awards Sante Spa Victoria at the Westin Bear Mountain Golf Resort and Spa in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada with second SpaExcellenceSM Certification

Sante Spa Victoria Team

*From ISPA’s 2013 US Spa Industry Study by Price Waterhouse Coopers


SpaQuality LLC Consulting Guides the First US Spa to ISO 9001:2008 Certification

SpaQuality LLC Consulting is pleased to announce that the quality management system of their client, Glen Ivy Hot Springs, has been certified as compliant with ISO 9001:2008 standard by ABS Quality Evaluations. The certification applies to both Glen Ivy locations – the historic Glen Ivy Hot Springs spa in Corona, California and the Glen Ivy Day Spa in Brea, California. The Glen Ivy spas are the first and only spas in the United States to achieve this recognition and the only spas currently certified in North America. Read more...


SpaQuality LLC announces the first spas to achieve SpaExcellenceSM Certification to the new 2014 International Standards of SpaExcellenceSM

The Spa at the Ritz-Carlton, Buckhead in Atlanta, GeorgiaGlen Ivy Hot Springs in Corona, California and Glen Ivy Day Spa in Brea, California have both achieved SpaExcellenceSM certification for the second year in a row. This certification recognizes the continued compliance of Glen Ivy's quality system, The Glen Ivy Way, to The International Standards of SpaExcellenceSM under the guidance of SpaQuality LLC consultants. The Glen Ivy spas are the first to be certified to the 2014 revision of The Standards, which provide a framework for performance excellence in everything that a spa does including planning, day-to-day operations, behind-the-scenes processes, leadership, teamwork, training, system evaluation, continual improvement and more. Read more...



SpaQuality LLC Releases The International Standards of SpaExcellence SM2014, A Quality System Approach for Spa Businesses

The spa industry continues to grow and change to meet ever-increasing Guest expectations. In order to stay current, SpaQuality LLC, periodically updates its quality system framework, The International Standards of SpaExcellenceSM.

Linda Bankoski and I (Julie Register), Managing Directors of SpaQuality LLC, are pleased to announce the release of The International Standards of SpaExcellence SM2014, A Quality System Approach for Spa Businesses on September 30, 2013.

Spas earn the trust of their Guests and keep it by being consistent and reliable and improving to deepen the relationship with each Guest. An excellent Guest experience is the result of a well-managed, disciplined Spa that provides confidence and meets or exceeds Guest expectations consistently. The International Standards of SpaExcellenceSM2014 outline the essential elements necessary for managing Spa quality systems that enable Spas to do this and, ultimately, achieve long-term success. Excellent Spas demonstrate effective management in five key areas described in The International Standards of SpaExcellenceSM2014:

  1. Intention and Strategy,
  2. Leadership,
  3. Guest Experiences,
  4. Operations Support and
  5. Improvement.

Key changes to the 2014 standards include:

  • An expanded emphasis on Guest focus,
  • Clarification of scope (medical spas, dental spas, pet spas and auto spas are out of scope),
  • Clarification of business reviews in the Intention and Strategy and Leadership sections,
  • More detail about strategic planning and project management in the Intention and Strategy section,
  • Clarification of roles and responsibilities throughout,
  • More detail on sanitation in the Operations Support section, and
  • More detail about corrective and preventive actions in the Improvement section.

Our intention is to provide Spa professionals with what they need to know to establish an excellent Spa quality system that has integrity and which results in:

  • Satisfied and loyal Guests,
  • Engaged and dependable staff,
  • Reduced risks,
  • Smooth operations every day, and
  • Financial success.

The International Standards of SpaExcellenceSM2014, A Quality System Approach for Spa Businesses (82 pages) is available as an electronic flip book for $35 US. Please note that the EXE file is not automatically delivered. The EXE file is emailed individually by me (Julie Register) as soon as I am notified of the order by PayPal. Click on the button below to order your copy.

SpaQuality LLC is currently updating The International Standards of SpaExcellenceSM2014, A Quality System Approach for Spa Businesses with Guidance and Examples (est. 200-300 pages) that will help spa professionals apply the elements of The Standards to their spa's quality system. Anyone who purchases the 2014 standards before the version with guidance and examples is published will receive a $35 US credit towards the purchase of the version with guidance and examples.


Sample feedback of a previous edition:

I very much appreciate the layout of the text; simplistic, smart and useful.  Plan, Document, Manage, Evaluate.  So often, those of us in Spa lean toward the creative, "right brain" personalities and live in a state of creativity; we forget to take our creative dreams and ground them in a system that will successfully bring them to fruition.  If we all started with these 4 steps we would find success easier. 

Click HERE for details about the book's contents, the Model of a Process-Based Spa Quality System and The Table of Contents.

The International Standards of SpaExcellenceSM has been sold to spas and spa professioals in over 40 countries.

SpaQuality Articles
SpaQuality LLC is committed to advancing the spa industry by 1) Providing The International Standards of SpaExcellenceSM, quality management standards for spas, 2) Educating the spa industry in quality management principles and practices, 3) Assessing spas for compliance to The International Standards of SpaExcellenceSM, 4) Recognizing spas that meet the standards with a SpaExcellenceSM Certificate and Crystal Award.

Effective Spa Team Leadership
An article written by Julie Register and Linda Bankoski for the May 2012 issue of Spa Professional Magazine. Reproduced with their permission

A spa's success is dependent on how well the staff works together as a team to understand and serve its Guests. It is the team leader's responsibility to create a work environment that engages the hearts and minds of the team members and motivates them to act together according to the spa's values. Effective teamwork accomplishes the spa's vision and mission. When the team is engaged, each member is committed both intellectually and emotionally to the spa's Guests and the spa's success. This cultivates a more tranquil and supportive environment in which to work. This positive energy directly impacts the Guests.

More SpaQuality Articles*EJTVpauQ/0&offerid=61746.10000013&subid=0&type=4


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Roosevelt Baths & Spa in Saratoga Springs, New York
Saratoga Springs, New York Spa Getaway Package

Relax and rejuvenate with a Saratoga Springs spa vacation getaway from Gideon Putnam Resort. Featuring soothing spa treatments and superb accommodations in a breathtaking location, our New York spa getaway packages offer the ideal escape.

Those looking to indulge in the spa’s luxurious amenities will be treated to two mineral baths, two one-hour Roosevelt Signature massages and use of the steam room and locker room facilities at the Roosevelt Baths & Spa. This package includes one night accommodations at the resort, as well as breakfast and dinner for two at Putnam's restaurant. Spa appointments are recommended in advance. Promo code: SPAPKG.

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